About Us

Promin Metabolics was formed in the United States to import and distribute Promin Low Protein specialized products to American families. All of our products are manufactured in a dedicated factory in Stockport, United Kingdom, where only low protein products are produced.

Promin has been proactive in the world of Inborn Errors of Metabolism and Metabolics since 1993 and we thrive on pleasing our friends and families, who are seeking quality low protein and gluten-free food products.

The UK based organization occupies a plant devoted exclusively to the production of low protein and gluten-free foods. The fact we produce no conventional products allows us to guarantee very high quality standards by eliminating possible risks of cross contamination that would otherwise result from the presence of the gluten and protein powders in the plant.

Our consumers are constantly in search of products that are healthy and offer consistent flavor while also being suitable to meet their specific dietary requirements.  This goal can be achieved only through the dedicated commitment, day after day, of the men and women working at Promin to develop new recipes and new production technologies.